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Please Note: Learners who successfully complete this IBM course can earn a skill badge — a detailed, verifiable and digital credential that profiles the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired in this course. Enroll to learn more, complete the course and claim your badge!

In this course, you will focus on Node.js and Express. Specifically, you will

  • develop applications using asynchronous callbacks and promises
  • create REST APIs and perform CRUD operations
  • implement authentication and session management


Throughout the course, you will complete numerous hands-on labs to gain practical experience. At the end of the course, you will demonstrate your Node skills with a final project to build your portfolio.

This course will help you succeed as a back-end or full-stack developer. It suits those in IT looking to step up in their careers or new graduates seeking to establish their server-side skills. This course suits those who need to manage cloud-centric projects.

Note: This course requires knowledge of JavaScript and Git.

What you’ll learn

  • Create server-side applications using the Node.js JavaScript runtime.
  • Extend your Node.js applications with third-party packages, including Express.
  • Use npm to manage Node.js packages in your Node.js application.
  • Write asynchronous callback functions and promises to complete asynchronous operations.

In a recent Stack Overflow survey, Node.js was used by about 50% of the developers who answered the survey, making it the most used server-side technology. Express ranked as the fourth most popular web technology overall, making it the most popular server-side web framework.

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