About this course

Game programming involves coding and testing video games using programming languages, tools, and techniques

With the game industry continuing to expand at an unprecedented pace, game programming offers diverse career opportunities, including, development, testing, audio engineering, graphics programming, and AI programming.

Get ready to make your mark in the thrilling world of Esports and Gaming!

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Why learn from us:

  • HP’s Esports Management and Game Development program – ‘HP Gaming Garage’ – blend’s HP’s technology and innovation heritage with leading academia’s subject matter expertise
  • One of the most comprehensive education programs on Esports and Gaming that takes the learner on a complete journey from development to management
  • Easy to follow modules with many real-life industry examples and references
  • Worldwide recognition and acceptance through verifiable certification on successful completion of each course
  • Certification provided free-of-cost through a reference voucher code available on each course page

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to the Game Industry:
    Gain insights into the dynamic landscape of the game industry and the various sectors that contribute to its vibrant ecosystem
  • Game Production Pipeline:
    Navigate the intricate process of game development right from ideation and design to testing and distribution
  • Programming Behind the Games:
    Explore the core principles of game programming that power interactive experiences
  • Understanding the Basics of Programming Part-1:
    Dive into the fundamentals of programming and techniques to build a strong coding skill set
  • Understanding the Basics of Programming Part-2:
    Expand your programming knowledge further, delving into advanced topics
  • Game Engines:
    Discover the pivotal role of game engines in modern game development
  • Planning/Prototyping:
    Master the art of game planning and prototyping, laying the groundwork for successful game design and development
  • Game Engine Unity:
    Immerse yourself in Unity, one of the industry’s leading game engines, and harness its capabilities to bring your game concepts to life
  • Game Mechanics:
    Learn to craft engaging and immersive game mechanics to enhance players’ interactive experiences
  • Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning:
    Explore the fascinating world of AI and machine learning, used to create intelligent and responsive game environments
  • Asset Creation for Games:
    Acquire the skills to create visually stunning game assets, including characters, environments, and objects
  • 3D Animation for Games:
    Master the art of 3D animation, breathing life into your game characters and creating dynamic visual narratives
  • Integrating Assets with Animation in Game Engine:
    Learn to seamlessly integrate your assets and animations into game engines, optimizing performance and enhancing player engagement
  • Game Optimization:
    Discover optimization techniques to ensure your game runs smoothly across various platforms and devices
  • Managing the Code with Multiple Platforms:
    Explore the intricacies of coding for different platforms, ensuring your game reaches a wide audience while maintaining consistency
  • Programming Breakdown Through an Own Developed Game:
    Apply your programming knowledge to create your own game, gaining hands-on experience and real-world insights.
  • Production Management Methods:
    Learn effective production management methods, ensuring your game development process is streamlined, organized, and efficient
  • Producing the Game in a Production Company:
    Understand the nuances of producing games within a professional production company
  • Managing the Process in Industry Related Budget:
    Gain insights into budget management within the context of game development

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